Meet Luke Odom, founder and owner of one of Naperville’s hottest personal training studios, Enshape Fitness.

His story begins as a high school super star football player. He had the fame of being a star, had scholarships to great colleges, but was missing something… character and a sense of commitment. When the stresses of life came crashing down on him, like many, he craved escape. Looking to ease that pain inside he looked to food, alcohol and drugs. Nothing was ever enough.

Finally, he realized that he had to make a change. The path of escaping all the time with drugs and alcohol lead to really awful places like jail, sick or even death. Change, the uncomfortable thing we all avoid, had to happen. Luke began to shift all his energies to… you guessed it, exercise.

He worked at a box gym for a while. The facility may have been huge, had great equipment, but he noticed something. There was a hole, a missing piece… so many personal needs were not being met. Turns out 75% of the gym members weren’t even showing up! This sparked a passion inside of Luke, a burning flame to start a company that not only provided personal training, but truly helped people along the way with all the tools they would need to stay committed to reaching their goals. Thus…Enshape Fitness was born!

There were many stepping stones from the small beginnings of personal training in Luke’s basement in 2002. This is where the creative juices flowed. All he had were bands, benches and body weight to work with. All sorts of fun and out of the box workouts came from that period.

Getting married in 2011 to his gorgeous wife, Sarah was a HUGE turning point. That was the push he needed to jump out of the basement and into his first retail location. This is when more of the high tech equipment came on board and the classes began to explode.

Since then he has kept grinding, getting better and better at his craft. Now located by downtown Naperville, Enshape has significantly grown. They now have 3 staff members trained with the same passion and desire for people to stay committed so they can truly get the results they’re looking for.

Enshape Fitness is more than an ordinary personal training studio. It is a place where all different types of people come to have their lives changed for the better. The staff, community experience and knowledge gained will leave a lasting impact in each life for years to come!