At Enshape Fitness, we want to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals. Before committing to the help of certified personal trainer however, we want to address some important considerations first. For the first half of these tips, please look here.

6. Do you prefer semi-private training or one-on-one training?

At Enshape Fitness, we offer semi-private sessions that allow for 2-8 people or private sessions that include only you and your personal trainer. If you thrive best in an environment with others, you may consider our semi-private option. Alternatively, you may also perform best in a private program. If you don’t already know which is best for you, we highly recommend joining our semi-private classes. When grouped with other participants, this program is more cost effective and provides camaraderie, motivation, and support that is unique to this small group setting.

7. Are you committed to making drastic health and fitness changes?

While this question may seem obvious, we need you to seriously consider this question. It is very common for individuals to lose interest, make excuses, and drop out of a personal training program. While fitness goals are challenging and will push your boundaries, we never want you to give up. This starts with absolutely knowing if you are prepared to push through difficult times and stay committed to your health.

8. Is this your first personal training experience? If not, how have your sessions gone in the past? What obstacles did you encounter?

If this isn’t your first try at personal training, there are probably reasons that your previous experiences have not brought you the success you wanted. Whether these results are due to personal complications, lack of connection and understanding between you and your last trainer, or because of other difficulties, we want you to understand how your experiences have gone. Please communicate what challenges you have faced before and what you would like to see with our trainers at Enshape Fitness. In the end, our biggest priority is our mutual desire to help you see improvement and success.

9. What concerns do you have about personal training?

It is vital to communicate any questions or concerns you may have about our programs, nutrition plans, coaches, facility, and more to your personal trainer. Whatever your hesitations may be, we want to address them and show you the reliability, dedication, and integrity of our staff and programs.

10. What is your endgame with hiring a personal trainer?

We saved the most important question for last! What are your overall desires with your health and wellness? Do you seek improved health all around? Do you want to perform tasks you’ve never been able to do before? Do you want to participate in an upcoming run or sporting event? Do you want to look and feel great at an upcoming event? Whatever your needs may be, please share these dreams with our certified personal trainers. Your goals are our goals.

At Enshape Fitness, we want to help you with your health and fitness. Our knowledge, expertise, and encouraging atmosphere are what you need to see your goals through to the end. Success starts with support, and our certified personal trainers are your biggest advocates. Before you decide to enlist our services, please consider all of these questions. If you’re ready to make a big change in your life, call us for an initial consultation with your personal trainer today!