dreamstime_xxl_34097245-1Have you ever struggled to find the motivation to commit to a weekly fitness regime? Do you go to the gym and feel like the exercises or movements you are doing aren’t making a difference? Do you feel lost when it comes to setting your fitness schedule? These and many more frustrations surrounding your personal health and fitness are what keep many people from reaching their personal fitness goals. Oftentimes, the key to unlocking your ultimate fitness potential relies in seeking professional fitness help. A certified personal trainer can help you break the barriers between you and your fitness goals, and set you on your way to finally being the best version of you. But before you enlist in the professional guidance of a certified personal trainer, we highly recommend considering the following:

1. Can you afford personal training? Are ready to make a monetary investment in your life?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of hiring a personal trainer, it is crucial to know if you can comfortably afford this investment. When you hire a personal trainer, you are doing more than just purchasing a service. Unlike going to your hairdresser or getting an annual eye exam, a personal training service relies on your commitment and your ability to see results through. It would be a major loss for you and your trainer if you could no longer afford to come to your sessions. Thoroughly assess your budget and understand the value of this commitment.

2. Are you able to commit to a fitness schedule? What days and times are you available to train?

It is also important to understand that when you sign on to a personal fitness regime, you will likely need to rearrange your schedule to make sure you able to come to your training sessions and sacrifice social engagements as needed.

3. Do you have a preference of the gender of your personal trainer?

Sometimes people may already know that they respond best in the leadership of a male or female trainer. You may not always have a preference, but some individuals will. Be sure to communicate this to us at Enshape Fitness when you are ready to sign up for a program.

4. Are you currently struggling with any pre-existing medical conditions?

Your certified personal trainer is in charge of your overall health and fitness as it pertains to your training. While fitness is an all-encompassing concept, we especially need to know if you suffer from any physical ailments that may make you more vulnerable to injury or other health complications. Is your physician able to give you a medical clearance to do personal training? Do you have any physical restrictions? All of these questions will help us deliver the best training services for your individual needs.

5. Are you comfortable with someone entering your personal space?

This is important because a personal trainer will need to show you new exercises and monitor your technique.  If this is of concern, then maybe group training or taking a class is more suitable for you.

These are all important things to consider before making the commitment to seek professional fitness help. Please look for Part II of this blog post for five more recommendations of things to consider before signing onto our personal training programs.