ChangeHow do I press on when times get tough?
Where do I find peace when things get rough?
Is it ok to give into the pain?
Or should I sacrifice the things that make me go insane?
Why do I continue down this path of self-destruction.
Where things are mysteriously out of control and out of function?
I need to stop, look around and examine my scene.
Is this the place I have envisioned in my dreams?
Or have I settled for a life a mediocrity.
Living behind this mask of who truly I can be.
You see my scars and feel my struggle,
But I cannot give up now I am about to escape the bubble.

The walls I have built are starting to come down.
I am starting to see the change but there is no one around.
I have finally reached the point of no return,
but now there is something inside of me now starting to burn.
I think it is my old self trying to keep me from success.
But I cannot stop now I am becoming my best.
It is not the path I predicted I would take.
However, I am starting to see the real me and not the fake.
I am more than a conqueror, I am a warrior.
This life is good and there is more here.
I will complete this journey they call the “Great Race”,
Even though people are evil and lie to my face.

I cannot let anyone else rule who I am,
It is time that I stand on the “Rock” and not this “quick-sand”.
I see now it all began with one step in the right direction,
I’m realizing my battle is day to day and no where near perfection.
But I am ok with not following the crowd,
for there is beauty inside me that cannot be heard when it is loud.
It is in these moments of peace that I thank God I am alive,
because of his strength he has given me I know I will survive