Our Team

dude1-1Luke Odom – Owner C.P.T., Nutrition Coach

Luke has been a certified personal trainer in the health and wellness industry for 13 years where he specializes in a holistic approach to weight-loss for the busy professional. Personal fitness is not just a profession for him; it is a daily personal lifestyle choice that gives him insight and experience in everything he teaches.

Through his own journey, he has gained an understanding of the obstacles clients face in achieving success More importantly, he has mastered the art of personal and group training through effective encouragement and creative program design. His relationship with Jesus is the foundation of what drives his character and strives to live by biblical values. He and his wife, Sarah, live in Naperville and have been married 5 years with 2 beautiful children- Zoe and Jude. Luke’s vision for Enshape Fitness has been to produce elite programs that will change the lives of any individual that wants to reap the rewards of a body ENSHAPE.

Rachel Dangler – Client Relations Manager

Rachel is a lifelong sports, health and fitness fan. She grew up playing hockey, softball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and basketball. In high school she realized how important eating healthy is and saw how it improved her performance in sports. From there, she started to learn more about how proper nutrition can heal the body from the inside out. This has led her on a life long journey of pursuing health in a deeper way. Rachel and husband Andy, have been married for 3 years and currently live in Aurora with their little dog, Jackson.

Rachel handles all the scheduling, customer relations and social media at Enshape. Her mission is to give our clients excellent customer service as well as provide inspiration to motivate our clients in their journey toward health and fitness

dude2-1Robert Cook – Fitness Trainer

Robert was a former collegiate athlete and semi-pro football player and has learned a thing or two about the importance of taking good care of the body. After a career plagued with injuries and obstacles, Robert turned to fitness to utilize his passion and skill set to help inspire and motivate others to live an active healthy lifestyle.

With his athletic background and knowledge in health and fitness, Robert prides himself on teaching proper technique and form with each routine to ensure his clients are getting the most out of each and every session. Robert’s main focus is to help individuals create measurable and attainable fitness goals that can only be achieved through hard work and dedication.

james-carter-4Jimmy Carter – Fitness Trainer

Jimmy is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is a Certified Speed and Explosion Specialist through the National Academy of Speed and Explosion and a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science with a concentration on Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention from California University-Pennsylvania.

Jimmy received his undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Psychology Pre-Pharmacy track. While at Illinois, Jimmy played football and was a member of the 2007-2008 team that went to the Rose Bowl. Jimmy’s dedication and love for the game led him to pursue a professional football career. In 2010, Jimmy was given a 9.4 out of 10 combine grade by Elite Pro Football Combines (now known as NFL regional combines), results impressive enough to get him a once in a lifetime opportunity with the New Orleans Saints.

DrRoDr. Ro – Chiropractor

Dr. Ro’s passion for helping people realize their full potential in body, mind, and spirit is his life’s mission. He has been practicing since 2011 and has been in Naperville since 2012. He is originally from South Korea and came when he was 10 years old. He grew up in a martial art household and is a 5th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Growing up in America allowed him to get involved in variety of sports. He was naturally drawn to football and was fortunate enough to play through college.

Along with playing college football, he was dealt with multiple injuries. He suffered many injuries from torn muscles and tendons to broken bones and concussions. Living through all those injuries, he felt my body dealing with delayed recovery time. After college, that is when he chose to take control of my body and take care of it to perform at its best. The answer was lifestyle transformation and main ingredient was CHIROPRACTIC!

Chiropractic allowed his body to be aligned and heal itself. He truly experienced life transformation through chiropractic lifestyle. To date, he has lost 70 pounds since his college football days and blood pressure is back to normal. Now he enjoys playing golf, tennis, and traveling with his beautiful wife Jun when he is not in the office.

He is on a mission to show people how to live pain-free life without use of drugs or surgery.