7 Questions You Should Ask Any Naperville, IL Personal Training Studio Before Becoming a Member

You obviously want the best fitness and weight loss results possible from the personal training studio you choose, so it’s vital that you ask these 7 questions of any Naperville, IL personal training studio before becoming a member.

  1. Are the programs customizable or is everyone doing the same thing?

It’s important to know this because if everyone has the same starting point and is doing the same things there is a higher risk for injury. Not everyone is in the same physical condition or had the same amount of mobility.

2) Is nutrition included into the fitness program?

This is huge because reaching the results you want will be greatly affected by the fuel you put into your body. Without the proper nutrition your recovery rates can be slower and you may lose “weight” after exercising, but it might not be body fat.

3) How do I deal with the aches and pains from working out?

Aches and pains after working out is pretty normal. A key component to an effective recovery is rest, along with making sure your body has the right fuel inside like the proper nutrition, water intake and supplements.

4) What kind of support or coaching do you offer?

Being challenged means that will require changes and most likely doing things you’ve never done before. When the going gets tough who will be there to keep you accountable and motivate you? Is there support outside of training sessions? People who have support are more likely to succeed in reaching their goals.

5) How many people are in group training?

Group programs can have as many as 20 people in them. Depending on the size of the group will dictate the level of attention you will get. Do you have the ability to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and stay on point with exercise technique? If not, a smaller group may be good for you.

6) How often are the sessions and at what time?

Most of us have our days jam-packed with things to do, people to see and deadlines to hit. Your health is pretty important in maintaining the energy levels you need to live life. Make sure the times available at the personal training studio fits your schedule for the amount of times per week you need to go. You wouldn’t want to pay bunch of money and then be unable to use your membership due to scheduling conflicts.

7) Do people see results last or do most lose their results when they finish the program?

There are so many “fast tracks” to results out there, in most cases as fast as people see results they lose them not long after the program is done. Make sure what you are gaining is not only a program to attend, but a place to learn and develop lifestyle habits as well. This way when you’ve finished your program you will keep your results.

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