1. 7 Questions You Should Ask Any Naperville, IL Personal Training Studio Before Becoming a Member

    You obviously want the best fitness and weight loss results possible from the personal training studio you choose, so it’s vital that you ask these 7 questions of any Naperville, IL personal training studio before becoming a member. 1) Are the programs customizable or is everyone doing the same thing? It’s important to know this because if everyone has the same starting point and is doing the …Read More

  2. Enshape Fitness in Naperville, IL: A Fascinating Origin Story

    Meet Luke Odom, founder and owner of one of Naperville’s hottest personal training studios, Enshape Fitness. His story begins as a high school super star football player. He had the fame of being a star, had scholarships to great colleges, but was missing something… character and a sense of commitment. When the stresses of life came crashing down on him, like many, he craved escape. Looking to…Read More

  3. 5 Ways Enshape Fitness is Different and Better that Other Personal Training Studios in Naperville, IL

    There are 5 important ways Enshape Fitness stands apart from other personal training studios. These five things make Enshape Fitness different and better than any other personal training studio in Naperville, IL: 1. Our programs are designed to be customized to each of your individual’s goals. We meet you where you are at, it doesn’t matter if you are just starting or have been active all you…Read More

  4. 11 Reasons People in Naperville, IL Tell Everyone They Know About Enshape Fitness

    Here are 11 interesting reasons why residents of Naperville, IL love referring the people they care about to Enshape Fitness: 1 Inspiration! Enshape is a place where people can come from their crazy day and not only get fit, but also inspired. Many times people come in with straight faces and leave with smiles! 2 Lifestyle Change! Our programs are designed to help you change your lifestyle so once…Read More