5 Ways Enshape Fitness is Different and Better that Other Personal Training Studios in Naperville, IL

There are 5 important ways Enshape Fitness stands apart from other personal training studios. These five things make Enshape Fitness different and better than any other personal training studio in Naperville, IL:

1 Our programs are designed to be customized to each of your individual’s goals. We meet you where you are at, it doesn’t matter if you are just starting or have been active all your life. Unlike other personal training facilities, we don’t beat on your body or just want to get you to sweat. Everything we do is intentional, purposeful and created for you personally to reach your health and fitness goals.

2 At Enshape we focus on total body health and life long fitness. Our comprehensive services focus on empowering you with all the components required to produce life-long health and fitness results through our individualized coaching and accountability programs. Isn’t that awesome? Not only will you get results, you will keep your results!

3 The relationships developed at Enshape are like a big family. You won’t be alone on your journey of health and fitness. Each staff member and client genuinely cares, will support and push you forward.  We will build you up through encouragement and positivity.

4 Enshape is a place where you can come in from your crazy day and not only get fit, but also get inspired. We will challenge you and we will show you how strong you really are. With our certified training expertise, we will show you how to be your best self.  Clients often leave our facility with big smiles on their face because they did something they never thought was even possible.

5 Education is large component at Enshape. Our goal is to teach through impactful experiences in workout sessions, one on one coaching, as well as a variety of workshops, classes and resources we offer to our clients. We spend a lot of time with you on both nutrition and exercise to help you understand the different components it takes for the results you are looking for.

All different types of people come to Enshape to have their lives changed for the better. We love it! Our coaches will motivate you while providing guidance to keep your workouts safe, efficient, and effective. The staff, community experience and knowledge gained will leave a lasting impact your life years to come!