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I was tired of paying for personal training programs that promised results but never delivered. The previous programs my husband and I were involved in were always making us do exercises that were for the young athletic crowd. Being 53, it can be demoralizing to not be able to keep up with the young people. At Enshape Fitness they customize the program to be tailormade around our specific needs. From there they motivate you to commit to the plan they create for you. So far I have lost 13lbs of body fat and I am so excited that my stomach is shrinking slowly. I can finally dust off my smaller size jeans and where them without a big pouch in the front. I am starting to feel empowered to have the healthy body I deserve. If you want results… ENSHAPE FITNESS is where you will get them. - Cindy


After college I had gained close to 35lbs of excess bodyfat. After lots of failure on my own and spending thousands of dollars on gym memberships and buying every supplement I could, I never saw the results I was looking for. The programs at ENSHAPE FITNESS finally gave me the program to shed 26lbs of fat and drop from a size 38 to 34. I cannot believe the changes I have seen in my life both physically and emotionally. I highly recommend ENSHAPE because I am certain that through their programs will transform EVERY area of your life. - Sam

$1 For 2 week Trial

If you want to transform your body and shed 20-30lbs in the new year and are willing to commit to do the work — we want to work with you! If you are looking for a quick fix, please DO NOT APPLY — this 2 week program is to help give you a jumpstart not a long term plan. 
All participants must qualify in order to apply for this offer: 
  • You must be a 1st time client
  • Limited to first 20 people
  • Be willing to give 110% commitment to our coaching, training and nutritional programming.
  • Be able to train at least 2 days/wk
  • Offer only valid till 12/31/16

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